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I received my bachelor’s degree in “Communication Studies", which has served me well in communicating verbally, and in writing with people from different cultures and communities. I have been an elementary teacher for over 17 years, which has been a blessing in many unexpected way. I am a graduate of the Christian Coach Institute, and have been coaching since January 2021. Becoming a life coach had been a dream of mine for many years, but there were detours along the way. Interestingly enough, when I got diagnosed with bone cancer, my priorities changed, and God confirmed that the time was right to embark upon my passion of becoming a certified life coach and I have not looked back sense. Going through the process of getting certified while going through chemo therapy was not the route I would have chose, but having God’s guidance, blessings and favor, I can truly say that I would not have gone through the journey any other way. I have also been a mentor and bible teacher for many years. I have such a passion to inspire and encourage people as they strive to plan, begin, and finish making their goals a reality. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a person realize their full potential. That is why I love being a life coach!

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Phone, Video, In Person, Group

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Less than $150 per session

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I work with people who want more out of life! People who strive to transform themselves so their goals become a reality. I help them not be defined by the past, but instead embrace their power so they accomplish their goals with hard work