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I received my certification in April 2019. Since then I have worked with a few people to help them identify their purpose by tapping into their true self. I'm the founder of a None profit organization called The Rescue Package Foundation. This foundation caters to the needs of children living in our nation that are considered most in need.

Coaching Methods:

Phone, Video, Email, In Person, Group

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Pro-Bono/Non-Profit Discount, Less than $150 per session

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I work with all willing individuals who struggle with their identity, spiritual growth, and personal development. I help clients to come into a clearer understanding of their God-given purpose, so they can be more confident, empowered and live a more fulfilled life. What makes me different is that I remind my clients who they are in the Lord while allowing them to see their progress one step at a time. This means my clients benefit from being able to see their growth and transformation on a daily basis. As a Certified Life Coach, I provide the opportunity for you to come into your own, examine yourself and chart a course to a better version of you.