Memphis, TN



Certifications and Credentials:

Certified Professional Life Coach

Relevant Experience:

I am a graduate of the Christian Coach Institute and have been coaching since May 2021. While the certification program was certainly needed, life is an amazing teacher as well. I've learned that many life coaches are truly coaches in personal relationships who just decided to do it professionally as well. Life experience has taught me much very early on and I am grateful for the ways God uses those experiences to help heal others.

Coaching Methods:

Phone, Video, In Person

Rate (per session):

Less than $150 per session

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Marketing Message:

I work with women who are open to partnering with God for answers to their life’s questions. I help them to go deeper in their relationship with God through self-examination first so that they can have the clarity they need to move forward. What sets me apart is my sense of humor paired with deep convictions. You'll know that I am the person who can have fun and whose company you will enjoy while also holding to Biblical standards. How lovely it is for both to coexist!