Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Certifications and Credentials:

Certified Professional Life Coach, Christian Life Coach

Relevant Experience:

I have successfully coached women and men on achieving their specific goals. I have taken leadership training that includes creating and facilitating workshops. These workshops incorporate creating safe spaces for men and women to come together to reconnect with God, themselves and others, as well as Soul Formation mornings where groups come together to meditate and pray on scripture. I have published two journals to help create healthy mindsets, and as a photographer, my images are being used in ministry to help others heal, and share their stories.

Coaching Methods:

Phone, Video, Email, In Person, Group

Rate (per session):

$150 - $249 per session

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Marketing Message:

I work with men and women who are struggling with feelings of discontentment, disorganization and lack of focus in various areas in their life. I help them to reconnect with who God made them to be and take specific action toward the visions they have for their lives so they feel more content, successful and confident.