Charlotte, NC



Certifications and Credentials:

Certified Christian Life Coach, Board Certified Life Coach, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Author, Speaker, and Mentor

Relevant Experience:

Linda has been coaching women around the globe since 2010. She is a published author. Her book Worthy of a Miracle was released in 2015.

Coaching Methods:

Phone, Video

Rate (per session):

Less than $150 per session

Marketing Message:

Linda Kuhar coaches women around the globe in building stronger intimate relationships with Christ. After a miraculous recovery from cancer and a coma Linda is passionate to share how the power of prayer will radically transform your life. As your Christian Life Coach she will empower you to dig deeper than ever before in your relationship with Christ. We have all asked ourselves: “How can I really hear from God?” or “What’s God’s plan for my life?” but struggle to confidently find the answers. During your coaching sessions you will learn how to push through resistance, doubts, fears and uncertainty and immediately begin to move forward. A new life in Christ awaits.