Fort Worth, TX



Certifications and Credentials:

Certified Professional Life Coach

Relevant Experience:

I have been working with job seekers for over 8 years. Recently, I joined a team of coaches doing group coaching for pastors. As a business coach, I have worked with several clients, helping them to the next level in their businesses.

Coaching Methods:

Phone, Video, In Person, Group

Rate (per session):

Pro-Bono/Non-Profit Discount, Less than $150 per session

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Marketing Message:

I work with business people who are stuck. It may be time management, priority management, accountability, goal setting, vision, or attitude holding them back. I help them to step back, take a fresh look, and make faith based decisions to help them move forward. What sets me apart is the personal business experience I have and the gift of encouragement with which the Lord has blessed me.